Summer Body Goals

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We’re sorry if this is all you seem to hear people talking about, or if this is all you have been thinking about for a while… but we just feel like we have to speak about it. Summer body goals are something we all become passionate about in our minds. We dream big of all of the things that we’d be able to do, and how good we would feel, if only we could get that summer body. But dreaming big is as far as it goes for a lot of us. We can think in our minds of what we’d like to, but actually putting the ideas into action is harder than you would think. But summer is right around the corner, so there’s no time like the present to start working on your goals. If you were to follow a 12-week training regime, the results you would see at the end of it would be incredible, and then you’d have that summer body you’ve been dreaming of, right in time for the height of summer. But as we said, we know how hard it is to get started with something like this, so we’re going to try and help you out. Here are our top tips on how you can easily reach your summer body goals!


The Gym Is Your New Best Friend

The gym really will become your new best friend, even though it won’t feel like it in the beginning. In the beginning, you will most likely be dragging yourself to the gym, if going at all. But it is this mental block that you have to clear yourself of, and we promise your gym will become your best friend. Believe it or not, you actually will become addicted to going to the gym and get your motivation going. Our top tip would be to make sure you’re doing a mixture of cardio and weights, that way you’ll really make a transformation to your body. Not only will you slim down, if that’s what you intended to do, but you’ll get that ultra-toned body that people are dreaming of for summer. To give you a general idea of what you should be doing, here’s a little weekly workout plan:


  • Day 1- 10 minutes cardio, abs
  • Day 2- HIIT session
  • Day 3-  10 minutes cardio, legs and abs
  • Day 4- 10 minutes cardio, upper body
  • Day 5- 10 minutes cardio, upper body and legs


If you follow something like this, along with the dreaded diet that we’re going to talk about next, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have that perfect body for summer that you’re dreaming of!


The Dreaded Diet

Following a diet is hard. Between getting invited out to meals that you feel you just can’t say no to, and opening the cupboard to find someone has filled the biscuit tin up, it’s just hard to stay clean. But staying clean all of the time is not what we’re going to advise you to do. If you’re getting into a gym routine that involves weights, which all should, you need to be thinking about protein powder. Protein powder is essential for your muscles to grow and to give your body what it needs to get that toned look. You can get all sorts of powders, even vegan protein powder if that’s what you need. You should also think about BCCAs, which are essential amino acids required for muscle growth. Alongside that, you should try and eat a clean and balanced diet for the most part. But who’s to say that after doing a super heavy workout session and eating a good clean dinner, that you can’t treat yourself to some chocolate, or cake, or whatever your weakness is. As long as you’re strong enough throughout the day and with your main meals, there’s no harm in having a little snack!


The Confidence You Need

If you follow a good routine, and you have the motivation to start it on Monday, which will make a fresh week, this really will give you the confidence that you need to strut around in the summer. There’s nothing worse than the warm weather coming, and you not feeling confident enough to show off parts of your body. It will also make you feel amazing if you were to go on holiday with a super toned body. But this will just be the beginning. Once the transformation happens, and you start to become super confident with it all, there will be no stopping you!



*This is a collaborative post. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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