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What To Do With Pets When You Go On Holiday

Going on holiday is a fun, exciting time. However, if you are a pet owner, it can also be a little bit stressful. You need to organise what you are going to do with your pet while you are on holiday well in advance of leaving for your holiday. You all love your pets, so here is what you can do with your pets when you go on holiday.

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Pets — should they be in your bedrooms or not?

Do you have a cat or a dog? Do you let your dog or cat sleep in your bedroom or on your bed? You are certainly not alone, as a survey commissioned by leading pet insurer Animal Friends found that nearly half of owners sleep with their pets. My dog has always slept in, or next to my bed and she is now 15 years old. I personally have no issue with sharing a bedroom with a pet because I view them as part of the family.


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Cecil the lion who was killed by a trophy hunter

Dear Olivia ‘I’m not a trophy hunter’ Opre…

Dear Olivia ‘I’m not a trophy hunter’ Opre,

I have just finished watching you on ‘This Morning’ and have just about finished drying my eyes. I am not easily brought to tears but witnessing the fact that there are actually people in this world who hold the same views as yourself I was left feeling devastated, disgusted, appalled, bewildered and mortified. Maybe I have been naive, maybe Continue reading “Dear Olivia ‘I’m not a trophy hunter’ Opre…”