comfortable home

What’s In Your Comfortable Family Home?

Home is where the heart belongs, as the saying goes. But naturally, there’s more to it than just a feeling. Home is the place where you can sit down and relax, where you can enjoy your bubble of comfort far away from the fast-paced world, and where you are safe. Your home is an ambivalent place with multiple functions. It provides headspace and thinking space to those who need to let go of their worries. It offers a sense of luxury that you can’t find anywhere else. And finally, it gives protection against external threats for your family – whether those relate to the weather or something else. Therefore your family home needs to reflect its different roles in its arrangement, furniture, and household items. Because your home is much more than a house, you have to ensure that it is equipped to fulfil its necessary functions. Continue reading “What’s In Your Comfortable Family Home?”

speedbump maternity activewear review

SpeedBump Maternity Activewear Review

Staying fit and healthy during this pregnancy was something I had decided upon even before I fell with this little guy. I wouldn’t say that my first pregnancy was unhealthy but I wasn’t partaking in any exercise classes and I really did use being pregnant as an excuse to take things easy. This all changed after he was born and I have been actively going to workout classes since Jake was about a year old so my fitness and strength have both increased in the last 3 years. This has meant that since finding out I was expecting with baby number 2 I haven’t had to alter my usual workouts of using kettlebells, Barbells, Bulgarian bags, TRX and other activities within my HIIT classes because my body is used to the level I have been working at. However, as my shape began to Continue reading “SpeedBump Maternity Activewear Review”