The Benefits of School Uniform for Children

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Every child and parent has questioned once in their life why school uniforms are compulsory in most schools in the UK. Children prefer to wear clothes of their own that are fun and allow them to express themselves better whilst parents would prefer to stay away from the additional costs of school uniforms every year. However, there are many impressive benefits from wearing a uniform whilst at school that make the costs and the lack of fun worth it. Here is some advice from an independent nursery in Harpenden on the benefits of school uniform for children. 

  • It gives a sense of equality. Uniforms mean all students wear the same clothes from head to toe and can even stretch to hairstyles and accessories in some schools. This helps to even out the field and create a sense of equality across all who attend the school.
  • Uniforms allow individuals to feel a sense of togetherness. Seeing others wearing the same clothes as them will help them develop a concept of group identity, as though they are truly part of something big. In turn, this helps children understand the idea and value of working together towards a final goal instead of isolating and working alone. 
  • It increases safety. One of the main purposes of school uniforms is for schools to be able to identify their pupils. It helps to keep their students safe whilst off school property as well as being able to identify intruders on school grounds from their lack of uniform. School trips are safer as it is easy to track a big group of students in a large crowd when away from school grounds. 
  • Reduces chances of bullying. Bullying at school is mostly targeted toward those who lack materials that others are fortunate to have. This can lead to students being made fun of and even hurt physically. School uniforms reduce this chance by making it mandatory for their students to wear the same clothes. It also closes the gap of students being judged for their social and economic differences. 

As the list above shows, the benefits of school uniforms are much more valuable than perceived. It targets a lot of issues that children face and helps to diminish them. From safety to reducing bullying, it is safe to say the uniforms will be around for a good while. 

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