10 Fantastic Space Saving Ideas

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If like us, your house is bursting at the seams but you cannot afford to move or extend your home then you will be looking for some clever ideas to make it still work for you. Here are my 10 fantastic space saving ideas that should help…

Beds With Storage

If possible, make sure you purchase a bed with storage underneath it. Cabin beds for the kids are a great idea because you can fill up the cupboards with toys and books, you can use storage boxes to utilise the space even further and make it all look a lot tidier.

An ottoman storage bed is the perfect bed for parent’s who are running out of space. As you won’t be placing anything directly onto the floor, you can safely store away clothes, bedding, bags, accessories etc without having to worry about them collecting too much dust or becoming damaged. It also makes the perfect place for hiding those Christmas gifts away!

If you have a bed that doesn’t have any built in storage you can still use this space by purchasing vacuum packs, storage tubs/boxes or sliding under bed drawers. Sofa bed is another option if you are saving space. Stylish sofa bed are not present in the market that suits your style and space needs. Visit Koala sofa bed review here to find the perfect bed for you and your children.

toddler bedroom

Under Stairs Storage

Under the stairs can often be an area that isn’t well utilised. When we moved into our home, this was an open space used to pop items such as the vacuum in but as soon as we added a door, a shoe rack, light and shelves, we suddenly had a place for wellies, walking shoes, tools and other items that we wanted away from guests eyes but also from little hands. Boxing this area off and cleverly including cupboards, hanging rails and drawers has become a really popular way of making the most of the space you have whilst still looking attractive.

Window Seat

Just like with the above, you can take a space underneath a window and quite easily transform it into extra storage and the bonus here is that you also gain an extra place to sit.

window seat with cushions

Bath Panel

Under the bath almost seems like completely wasted space, doesn’t it? We know the storage is there but how do you use it? Bath panels with built in storage may be the answer. But don’t worry you don’t necessarily have to run out and buy a new bath panel. If you can carefully cut into each section you will be able to make doors which will allow you access to that space. Perfect for storing cleaning products or bath toys!

Over The Toilet

This is probably a space that you’ve never even thought about using but just like the bath panel, this is an area that could be vital for you if you are running out of space. You could either build or purchase a shelving stand which would sit around and above the toilet providing shelves for towels, toilet rolls, cleaning products, plants, toiletries and so on.

Upcycling and Repurposing Old Furniture

This has to be one of my favourite DIY projects. I have taken several old items of furniture which were either going to be sold or thrown out and fixed them up to reuse them again. For example, in my youngest’s room, I fixed an old chest of drawers and then used chalk paint to make these, a wardrobe and secondhand bookcase match. Not only did this free up space in the spare room, it saved me a lot of money as I didn’t have to buy new and I got the storage I needed for his room.

Another little project I did was to make more of the corner of a room by purchasing a secondhand pine corner cabinet which would fit perfectly into this narrow space. I upcycled it using chalk paint again and had a lovely unit for photos, trinkets, plants and a cupboard for drinks. A quick look on Facebook Marketplace or eBay can bring up some fantastic items that you can repurpose in areas of your home that you may have been struggling with.

the finished corner unit after upcycling

Shoe Boxes

Shoes can take up so much space especially if you lay them all out in the bottom of a wardrobe or cupboard. If you purchase the reusable plastic show boxes you won’t only be saving space, you will also be protecting your shoes from damage or dust. Simply place your shoes inside the breathable boxes and pile them up on top of one another to give yourself more space and an organised area.

Hide Those Bins!

Bins can take up so much room in a house especially as most households have several different waste collections. Incorporating your bins into your kitchen cabinets is a great way of freeing up more floor space, making your home look nicer and keeping the mess hidden. You can then use this space for useful items such as a pot trolley, fruit and veg storage, a new bookcase and so on.


Ok, this may seem like an obvious but are you using as much shelving as you could? Shelves have become small and fashionable over the years but are these actually working for you? Yes, the small ones may have their place in some areas but take a good look around the rest of your home and with a fresh pair of eyes, decide if more could be done. I found some great shelving ideas for this blog post here a couple of years ago. Why not give some a go?!

kitchen shelf


Have too many items in boxes or wardrobes? Why not make a feature out of them and use hooks to display them instead? A great example of this is when you have a lot of kids dressing up clothes. These often end up screwed up inside storage boxes or vacuum packs but they can look lovely if they are hung up in a bedroom plus it makes for easy reach for your children to get to them which will allow more free play to take place. Perfect.

Your home doesn’t have to look cluttered to enjoy all the things you own, it just needs a little careful adapting and some clever storage.

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