How To Sell Your House Fast

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If you’re looking to sell your home right now, you may be a little concerned that the whole process may take too long especially if you have a big move in mind, if you’ve already found your dream home, if you need to make a move quickly due to work and so on, you are no doubt a little worried about how the current market may slow things up. However, there are most definitely certain things you can do in order to help to speed the process up a little… And they can be so, so simple! Here are my tips on how to sell your house fast.


A cluttered house is a huge distraction for any potential buyer. Having items piled up, overflowing books, cupboards spilling out, will all take away from what your home has to offer. You want to be able to highlight your home’s potential and to do this you need to provide clear sightlines, you want the buyer to be able to imagine their own belongings in there and for them to see how their lives could fit into it. Even if you’re selling to an investor through a platform like Home Beacon, you still want your home to show its full potential. Take some time to work through what you own and divide this into 3 sections: sell, pack up for storage and keep. You will probably want to furnish your new home with new items, so this is the perfect time to sell what you no longer need. You could also donate items to charity. Things that you will need later on but that are cluttering up your home right now can be packed up and stored in either a unit or in a willing family member’s home. Then take the items you are left with and carefully think about where they will look the best throughout your home. Minimalism may not have been your look before but working towards that in order to sell a house fast is imperative.

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Go Neutral

You may love that brightly coloured wall, that patterned carpet or painted doors but how do they look to somebody else? Take photos of your home and have a look at how dark it looks. If this is the case, you will really need to think about having a bit of an overhaul. When clicking through photos of homes on selling sites, what draws you in? Clean, crisp, bright, white, creams. It is just a natural reaction for us. Those neutral tones may seem a bit boring to you but bold, bright or even darker colours can really overwhelm a potential buyer and they may be put off as soon as they check out the online photos. Make it easier for them to see how much space there is, to see how much light floods in and to make them feel as though there will be little to do once they move in. You need to put your own tastes to one side when you want to sell your house, you need to look at it as an investment now.

Deep Clean

A deep clean carried out by a professional company will give your home that fresh look and smell which will help a viewer to focus on what the home could be like for them rather than them trying to look through dirt and mess to try and imagine it. Make sure that before you have your photos taken for any brochures or online postings this deep clean has been carried out and then ensure that you maintain this for each viewing.

Add Plants

This may sound a little strange but what you are trying to sell here is also a lifestyle. So now you have a clean, tidy, neutral, uncluttered home, you want to dress this up a little and plants can really help in obtaining a homely feel and look. Choosing air purifying plants will help with the air quality in the home which will also help to make it feel both cleaner and fresher.

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Photograph On A Sunny Day

When you book the photographer to take your home photos, try to check the weather forecast and pick a day that will be clear and slightly sunny. This will not only look bright and airy, but it will also prevent you from having to use any artificial lighting inside which can give a warm glow plus it will make your garden look really lush and inviting.

Be Open For Viewings

Don’t be choosy about when people can come around. If you want to sell your house fast, you will need to be accommodating to the potential buyers and be prepared to shoot out of the way even at short notice. It may be a little inconvenient at times but if you follow all of these tips, it will be for a very short period of time and before you know it you will be on the next leg of your journey in your new home.

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